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Book your chimney cleaning BEFORE June 30th to get your best rate! Lead times for chimney cleanings in the busy can be several weeks!

Wood Burning Products

Mazzeo’s offers the finest wood stoves, wood fireplaces, wood fireplace inserts, outdoor fire pits, pizza ovens and wood burning grills from the best manufacturers in the business, such as Jotul, Vermont Castings, Hearthstone, Morso, Kuma, Lopi, ICC, RSF, Fireplace Extraordinaire, Kozy Heat, Majestic and Stuv.

Gas Burning Products

Mazzeo’s offers the best gas burning stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts, log sets, outdoor fireplaces, grills, fire pits and fire bowls from the best manufacturers in the business, such as Jotul, Vermont Castings, Hearthstone, Rais,  Lopi, Fireplace Extraordinaire, Kozy Heat, Majestic, RH Peterson, Golden Blount, European Home, Barbara Jean, Warming Trends and Stuv.

Pellet Burning Products

Mazzeo’s offers the finest pellet stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts, pellet grills and firebowls from such vendors as Harman, Ravelli, Breckwell, Green Mountain, HYC and Lopi.

Electric Burning Products

Mazzeo’s offer the finest electric stoves, fireplaces, fireplace cassettes and outdoor fire tables from Dimplex, Simplifire and European Home. 

Save up to $2,000 or 30% with the Federal Biomass Tax Credit!

Per Sec. 25(C) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, customers may credit 30% percent of their purchase and installation costs (with a $2,000 annual cap and no lifetime limit) for eligible products installed between Jan. 1, 2023 through Dec. 31, 2032. Qualifying biomass-fueled heaters (wood or pellet) must have a higher heating value (HHV) efficiency rating of 75% or greater as referenced in the EPA Certified Wood Heater Database.  A manufacturer’s Biomass Tax Certificate for Sec. 25 (C) may also be used. Gas or propane heaters do not qualify.

10% OFF, up to $500 OFF the month of July!

Jotul F 445 Holliday - $350 OFF!

The new Jotul F 445 Holliday is a smaller version of Jotul’s flagship stove, the Oslo.  Like Oslo, it qualifies for a 30% Federal tax credit!

Jotul F 35 Rockwood - $250 OFF!

A smaller version of the famous Greenville, it still takes a 16″ stick of wood straight in and will heat 1,100 sq. ft!

Jotul F 45 v2 Greenville - $300 OFF!

 The legendary Grenville can take more 16″ sticks straight in than any other stove with a 2.3 ft3 firebox! Heats 1500 ft3!

Jotul F 55 v2 Carrabassett - $350 OFF!

Jotul’s largest, non-catalytic heater and one of our best sellers! Heats up to 2,000 ft3!

Save 30% on Jotul F 500 V3 Oslo! - Up to $500 OFF!

Credit back 30% up to $2,000 to your federal taxes! Credit is good for labor and pipe, too!


HUGE JULY SAVINGS! Up to $800 OFF + $100 Factory Rebate +up to $2000 in Federal Tax Credit!   

Green Mountain 40, 60 or 80 TruHybrid - $300 - $500 OFF!

Contemporary, affordable and with one of the best burn times in the industry, the Green Mountain Series offers a large viewing window at a great price.  

Hearthstone Heritage TruHybrid 8024 - $400 - $600 OFF!

Hearthstone’s flagship stove, the Heritage is available in left or right side load door, with or without an ash pan, and comes in the same colors as the Castleton! Heats 1,600 sq. ft. in Maine winters! 

Hearthstone Craftsbury & Shelburne - $300 - $500 off!

Built on the same firebox as the Green Mountain 40 & 60, the Craftsbury and larger Shelburne offer the same soapstone firebrick for heat retention and additional durability.  They also have the ability to vent off the back and are available in brown or green enamel! 

Hearthstone Deva Wood cookstove - $600 OFF!

The Hearthstone Deva wood cook stove features a black ceramic glass cook top and an oven large enough to cook a 20 lb turkey.

~10% off, up to $500 the month of July!

Jotul GF 200 DV II Lillehammer

Heats up to 600 sq. ft and is zero-clearance in the rear, vents straight off the back. Simple as pie. 

Jotul GF 300 DV/BV Allagash

Heats up to 1,000 sq. ft and can easily vent through the wall or into an existing chimney for the perfect wood stove or fireplace upgrade.

Jotul GF 400 DV & BV Sebago

Heats between 1,400 – 1,600 sq. ft, and can vent through the wall, roof or into an existing chimney.

Jotul GF 500 DV Portland

Heats up to 1,600 sq. ft and is available.

Classic wood stove styling with the convenience of gas! Up to $600 off in July! 

Hearthstone Bristol DX

Traditional styling with three-side gas viewing and the convenience of gas!

Hearthstone Stowe Direct Vent Gas Stove

A compact heater coming in a variety of enamel color options and one of the most realistic flames you’ll see.

Waitsfield DX

Available in three enamel colors as well as matte black, the Waitsfield DX will heat up to 1,600 sq. ft. and works with battery back-up.

~10% off, up to $500 the month of June!


Jotul GF 305 - the "Jetson TV"- $400 OFF!

Heats up to 1100 sq. ft. and comes in black with traditional or beach fire logs.

Jotul GF 160 DV IPI - $450 OFFI!

A funky three-sided heater coming in black and fully loaded with full function remote, flame control, accent lighting and blower fan, and your choice of logs, stones, rocks or glass.

Jotul GF 370 DV II Standing Pilot - $500 OFF!

Jotul’s flagship three-sided modern gas heater now available in reliable, powerless standing pilot! $300 off!

Jotul GF 370 DV II IPI - in White - $500 OFF!

The last GF 370 IPI in white that we will sell due to the color being discontinued.  Fully loaded with full function remote control, blower fan, flame modification. $300 off!

The full Morso product line on display! Non-Catalytic! 

Morso 6143 w/log storage - in stock

Qualifies for 2023 Biomass Tax Credit!

Contemporary Danish styling from the oldest wood stove company in the world.

Morso 2B Standard - in stock

Qualifies for 2023 Biomass Tax Credit!

The MOST EFFICIENT non-catalytic stove on the market! Rated for 80% overall efficiency per the EPA.

Morso 7110-B - in stock

Qualifies for 2023 Biomass Tax Credit!

Small heater that still takes a 16″ log, has an ash pan and large glass front. Contemporary or classic you decide.

Morso 6148 on pedestal - in stock

Qualifies for Biomass Tax Credit!

Contemporary Scandinavian styling with non-catalytic reburn system.

Sleek and stylish Danish styling.  Runs on conventional batteries! 

Rais Viva-L 100 Gas! - On display!

Viva-L 100 is available with or without side glass and with the option of a full glass and side front. Choose top or rear vent in black, 

Rais Nexo Gas

The Nexo GAS fireplace’s clean lines and large panes provide a fantastic view of the fire.

Rais Q-Tee gas!

Available with various bases or with a curved front. 


Rais Q-TEE insert in wood

This insert is remarkably pure in style, offering a range of new architectural possibilities for unique classic solutions for the modern home. 

30% Federal Biomass Tax Credit on most models! 


Come on in and see what’s in stock.

Harman Allure50 - burning display!

A contemporary, high heat output pellet stove with 90 lb pellet storage capacity and easy-to-use LCD touch control. Multidirectional air flow provides complete warmth.

Harman Absolute Series: 43 or 63 in Black.

Offering all cast iron pellet stoves with an easy-to-use LCD touch control panel with thermostat and timer.

Harman P Series Pellet Stoves P 43, P 61 & P 68

Made of American steel with high capacity hoppers and ash pans.  Affordable, simply dial controls and built to heat!

Harman XXV-TC

Harman’s 25th Anniversary edition pellet stove offers the same features at the Absolute series with distinct castings. 

Harman 52i Wood Insert

Beautiful cast iron styling from the leader in pellet stoves. Available in zero-clearance cabinet for a conventional wood frame installation.

Save up to $2,000 or 30% with the 2023 Biomass Tax Credit! Plus tax up to $300 off in-stock models until March 29th!

Vermont Castings Intrepid 2115

One of the most advanced wood stoves ever designed, the Intrepid Flexburn is the CLEANEST BURNING WOOD STOVE ON THE PLANET PER THE EPA! Cleaner burning than even any of our pellet stoves, Intrepid emits 5 times less particulate than the EPA standard – without the optional catalyst!

Vermont Castings Dauntless -in stock in black & twilight!

Just out this year, the Dauntless has a 1.8 cubic foot firebox and is perfect for heating areas up to 1,200 sq. ft. in a cold Maine winter.  Standard bypass damper, swing-out ashpan, catalyst not required, and Vermont Castings’ famous top-load griddle. Hard to beat!

Vermont Castings Encore - in stock in black & twilight!

Vermont Castings’ newest version of its first EPA-certified catalytic stove, the Encore features an easy-to-access secondary combustion chamber and catalytic combuster, standard swing-out ash pan, top load door, bifold doors, and bypass damper for quick and easy start-up.

Vermont Castings Defiant - $300 OFF Classic Black Traditional door until 3/29!

With a 3.2 cubic foot firebox and easy top load, the Defiant will heat over 2,000 sq. ft. long into the morning hours.  Available in transition (as show left with Encore) or traditional doors, swing out ashpan standard, and easy bypass damper for quick start-ups. 

$200 OFF in-stock Intrepid & Stardance DV gas stoves in Classic Black! Sale ends March 29th!

Vermont Castings Intrepid DV in Classic Black

Intrepid DV can vent straight off the back for minimal venting and will heat about 500 sq. ft! $200  off until March 29th! on the standing pilot model in Classic Black. 

Vermont Castings Intrepid IFT in Bordeaux Red!

All Vermont Castings gas stoves come available with the IFT or Intellifire system, which offers a full function remote with smart controls, thermostat and remotely controled  variable speed blower fan and high/low flame control.  Intrepid is available in black, brown or red.

Vermont Castings Stardance DV in Classic Black!

Vermont Castings Stardance DV in Classic Black with standing pilot is $200 off until March 29th! It can be ordered in Majolica Brown or Bordeaux red.  Heats 1,000 ft3!

Vermont Castings Radiance DV

Vermont Castings Radiance DV is available in standing pilot or the fully-loaded Intellifire system with blower and remote flame control. It’s available in Classic Black, Bordeaux Red or Majolica Brown and with optional warming shelves. Classic New England styling.  Heats 1600 ft3!

Check out what’s new at Mazzeo’s!

Jotul F 445 Holliday with Fusion Technology- in stock & on display!

The Jotul F 445 Holliday is a smaller verision of the F 500 Oslo is replaces the F 400 Castine.  It comes with standard ash pan and qualifies for the 30% Biomass Tax Credit!

NetZero E-One Holographic Fireplace

A holographic fireplace more realistic than gas?

Vermont Castings logo

Simplifire Inception

The Simpifire Inception utilizes high definition video and sound to create one of the most realistic electric fireplace options on the market.

Nexo 120 w/160 Top Cap in Platinum

Rais Nexo in Wood or Gas!

The three-sided Nexo is availabe in 100 cm and 120 cm high, wood or gas burning!

Marquis Bentley

The Marquis Bentley is available in 34″, 39″, 42″ & 48″ with numerious media and design options!


Kozy Heat Fireplaces

Marquis Serene

Marquis Serene is availabe in 47″, 60″ and 72″ with numerous media and design options!

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