Arada Farringdon 16 Wood Burning Stove

Combining cutting edge catalytic technology with Arada’s impressive Flexigrate system for efficient wood burning, the Farringdon represents the finest of British design.

Alongside its outstanding efficiency ratings, this compact wood stove will transform any space with its striking looks and clean-cut lines whilst boasting a high output and large viewing glass—perfect for admiring its roaring flames.
With its magnificent view of the fire, this contemporary wood burner is the complete stove package.



  • Burns wood logs
  • Variable burn rate control
  • Integrated catalyst temperature gauge as standard
  • Pre-heated airwash system for clean glass
  • Detachable wooden handle
  • Discreetly hidden air control
  • Stainless steel ash pan and baffles
  • Fresh air intake as standard
  • 6 inch top flue
  • Externally controlled riddling grate operated from either side


  • Up to 54,000 BTU’s
  • Up to 21 inch log length
  • Firebox capacity – 1.3 cu.ft
  • Efficiency certified: 77.2% (HHV)
  • 252 sq. inch viewing window


  • Height: 27.4 inches
  • Width: 24.2 inches
  • Depth(handle removed): 20 inches