Hearthstone Stowe III 8323 Cast Iron Direct Vent Gas Stove with On Demand Pilot

The Stowe III is a small and beautiful stove will warm up your space quickly and efficiently with a beautiful on-demand fire. Careful craftsmanship is visible in the intricate details of our smallest cast iron gas stove. The Stowe is a lovely addition to your living room.

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Hearthstone Stowe Model 8323 - On Demand Pilot

Child-safe certified glass barriers: Ensures safety within your home.

Cast iron heat exchanger: Maximizes heat output and efficiency.

Remote control: Offers flame adjustment, thermostatic mode, programmable timer.

Ceramic logs and burner: Simulates a realistic wood fire.

Efficient on-demand pilot: Conserves energy in warm weather, provides reliability in cold weather.

Optional 150CFM convection blower: Circulates warm air quietly, temperature activated on/off, manual rheostat control.

Secure battery power: Operates the stove during a power outage (Requires 110V for optional blower).

Direct-Vent technology: Draws combustion air from outside to reduce drafts and maintain indoor air quality.


Heats up to _____________________ 1,200 sq ft

Steady State Efficiency_________________ 80.1%

P.4.1.09 Fireplace Efficiency _____________ 75.7%

Burn Rate Range NG _____ 13,000-22,400 BTU's/hr

Burn Rate Range LP ______ 14,000-22,400 BTU's/hr

Venting __________________ 45°, 4" x 6 5/8"DV

Ignition System ________________ Maxitrol GV60

Burner ______________________Ceramic Burner

Convection Blower __________________ Optional

Remote Control ____________________ Included

Safety Barrier Screen ________________ Included

LP Conversion Kit __________________ Included

Mobile Home Certified __________________ Yes

Actual Weight _______________________155 lbs

Convection Blower _____________ 93-57230

Wall Touch Pad _______________ 7000-260

A/C Adaptor _________________ 7000-070