Smart Chipped Proflame Remotes

Similar to your existing Proflame remote, only smarter! Works with your Alexa or Google Home when paired with our Wi-Fi Hub. Available for Proflame 1 or Proflame 2!


  • Smart Enhancement
  • IPI
  • Transmitter battery = AAA
  • Battery monitor*
  • Bluetooth*
  •  WiFi (requires #IF-WFH3002)*
  •  Free i-Flame IOS app*
  •  Thermostat function*
  •  Shows outside temperature*
  •  Light adjustment*
  •  Flame adjustment*
  •  Fan adjustment*
  • Works with Alexa & Google Home*
  •  CPC- Cross Platform Compliant*

* Used with your smart device. For WiFi operation a
Flame-tec Hub must be purchased and installed. WiFi
service must be accessible to the Hub.