AJ Hearth Boards for Hearthstone Stoves

Premium Quality.

Our floor protectors are built to last. All of our pads come with a premium 3 year warranty.

Safest in the industry.

AJ Hearth Originals have the highest rated “R” value in North America. Our thermal “R” rating is 2.1

Wide product selection.

We carry floor protectors in a wide range of color options. We can also accommodate custom requests.

Made in the USA.

All of our floor protectors are made with pride in Thompson, Connecticut.


Floor protection for Hearthstone stoves

Hearthstone™ woodstoves have long been known for their beauty and efficiency. Because they are designed as serious heaters, many models require thermal protection on the floor. Our AJ Hearthstone Collection pedestals are specially designed to support the weight of a soapstone stove. AJ has teamed up with Hearthstone™ to make selecting the proper floor protection easy.

Simply tell us the Hearthstone™ model you are installing and select one of our Hearth Originals colors. Metal Edge Banding is standard for strength and durability, and a reinforced pedestal is used on all but the HH-1 floor protectors (see chart below). Aluminum trim is now available on Hearthstone Collection™ floor protectors for a nominal fee. If you are ordering a Hearthstone floor protector that has a pedestal attached, you need to let us know if you want the pedestal tiled in the same color as your hearth pad or if you want a stain color on the pedestal. To see the stain colors available, open the Signature Series page.

Please note: Metal Edge Banded floor protectors come with a Tricom Black pedestal unless otherwise specified.

Hearthstone Heritage woodstove
Hearthstone floor protector shown with a Hearthstone Heritage woodstove
Bottom of Thermal Hearth Board
Thermal Pedestal Structure

Size Chart

Hearthstone Collection by AJ hearth selector

AJ Hearthstone Basics minimum size floor protectors meet floor protection size and thermal requirements but may not cover all exposed flooring to the walls.  Floor protectors for Hearthstone™ stoves equipped with side-load doors, that are sized to allow side-load models to be centered on the hearth, meet all clearance requirements and are labeled accordingly in the chart above.  New for 2012 is an optional corner filler for our Universal Corner design that provides floor protection under rear or side vented connector pipes.

AJ ember protection Hearthstone™ floor protectors were tested and approved by Omni Research to UL 1618-2009. Our thermal protection Hearthstone™ floor protectors were tested and approved by U.L. Laboratories with a “R” rating of 2.1. This is a UL listed product.

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