Rotary chimney whips

  • Helps prevent flue fires
  • Cleans wood stove and fireplace chimneys with flexible rods
  • Chimney whip removes soot and creosote and won’t scratch flues


  • – Clean flue from bottom up without getting on a roof
  • Chimney whip spins forward and reverse
  • Trim to Fit spin whip cleans flues 5”-18” diameter; rectangle & oval up to 8” x 12”; Square up to 12” x 12”
  • Works with any drill
  • Reversible Button-link quick-connect system is fast & easy to use
  • spin the rods forward & reverse (Note: this is necessary to clean square and rectangular flues)
  • Rotary flexible rods are durable, extremely flexible and will not break; made for use year after year
  • Won’t scratch metal flues like steel brushes

Includes: (6) 3’ long flexible rods with reversible Button-Link Quick-Connect system (1) Trim to Fit spin whip (1) Drill Adapter (1) Hex Key (1) 52” x 48” fireplace/stove opening cover