Hearthstone Outdoor Pizza Ovens

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Patio Ovens

Built for the backyard chef.

Patio Oven 5.8

Patio Oven 4.5

Patio Oven 3.2

Ready to cook in 20 minutes

Our patio ovens are quick and easy to use. Weather you’re cooking with wood or gas, simply start the fire and you’ll be cooking in about 20 minutes.

The insulated arch of the oven reflects the heat from the fire and the firebrick surface retains the heat, making an ideal cooking surface for breads and pizzas.

More than a pizza oven

Of course you can make pizza! Our patio ovens deliver a deliciously crisp crust and perfectly melted cheese in minutes, but you can do so much more.

Bake crusty artisan breads, roast vegetables, grill meats or even toast marshmallows. Our full line of oven accessories create even more possibilities. Imagine what you will be able to do with your patio oven.

Convenient and effective oven design

Our ovens are built to last for years. Using stainless steel and a durable powder coat finishes, our ovens are constructed to withstand the heat from inside and the weather outside.

Convenient features like the cooking shelf, built in thermometer and oven door will help you bake, broil and roast like a pro.

HearthStone patio ovens can be installed on any non-combustible surface such as the stone counters of your outdoor kitchen. Or, use the optional base to have a freestanding oven. All bases have wheels for easy moving and can be equipped with an optional tool rack.

1. Oven thermometer

2. Cooking shelf for staging and checking food

3. Removable oven door for regulating temperature

4. Durable powder coat finish will withstand the weather

5. Insulated oven heats up quickly

6. 441 stainless steel internal panels withstand high cooking temperatures

7. Weatherproof stainless steel oven face

8. Weatherproof stainless steel chimney

9. Weatherproof stainless steel chimney cap

10. Optional oven base

11. Optional tool rack and tool set

12. Storage shelves

13. Caster wheels with chocks