Add Vermont Castings beauty and quality to your home and warm your heart and hearth for years to come.

Vermont Castings is North America's only manufacturer with both the cast iron foundry and the enameling under one roof to assure utmost quality.

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  • Vermont Castings Defiant

    Made in the USA to be one of the greenest stoves in America, the Defiant® is unlike any other wood stove on the market today. It adapts to your lifestyle, so you can choose to operate in catalytic or non-catalytic mode.

    FlexBurn® Combustion System

    VERMONT CASTINGS EXCLUSIVE! More flexibility with two ways to heat —Converts from catalytic to non-catalytic operation in less than one minute!
    Eco-Friendly Design
    Made green — Our stoves are made from 100% recycled materials and production processes use renewable energy.
    High Efficiency Operation
    Save money while heating your home — More heat from less wood means savings of up to $300 or more during an average New England winter and up to $1,400 in fuel costs.* *When used in catalytic mode over 5 years.
    Top Load Design
    Enjoy longer burn times — Fills to nearly 100% of its capacity so you don’t have to load as often.
    Easy Maintenance
    VERMONT CASTINGS EXCLUSIVE! Easy to clean and maintain — Easy access to the catalyst and combustion chamber without the use of any tools.
    Thermostatic Air Control
    VERMONT CASTINGS EXCLUSIVE! in Non-Catalytic Mode — Your stove won’t overwork and you’ll enjoy longer, more even burn temperatures in catalytic and (for the first time) in non-catalytic mode!

    Available Colors:

    • Twilight
    • Classic Black
    • Biscuit
    • Majolica Brown
    • Bordeaux

    Quick Look:

    Heating Capacity Up to 2,400 sq. ft.
    Max BTUs/hr 75,000
    Burn Time 14 hrs
    Log Size 24"
    Ash Pan Side–swing
    Efficiency 84% at 1.1 g/hr (Catalytic)
    76% at 2.3 g/hr (Non–Catalytic)

    Also available in a smaller size. See Encore® FlexBurn™