Stuv 16 Wood burning stove

The Stuv 16 offers a dazzling flame picture and non-catalytic reburn system featuring heat-resistant vermiculite firebox panels for low emissions and high thermal efficiency. The Stuv 16 offers close clearance to combustibles with its built-in rear and side-wall steel steel shielding, which also gives it convective heat properties in addition to its tremendous radiant heat output off of the front glass.

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Stuv 16 Cube Wood Burning Stove
The Stûv 16 is available in two sizes (the 58 and 68) as a free-standing, non-catalytic convective and radiant wood stove in two sides, with or without wood storage. The Stuv 16 offers a dazzling flame picture, low clearance to combustibles on the sides and rear, and puts out a tremendous amount of heat off the front glass. The Stuv 16 is not only beautiful to look at, it puts out a lot of heat!

Stuv 16: Wood Stove Specifications without wood storage

Stûv 16/58-Cube  –  23” wide x 24″ tall     EPA Emissions  1.5g/h  Weight: 250 lbs

Stûv 16/68-Cube  –  27” wide x 24″ tall     EPA Emissions   1.9g/h Weight: 250 lbs

A steel wood storage box can be installed under either the 16-58 or 16-68 and adds 16″ of height making it 40″ tall.

Installation manuals:

Stuv 16 Cube (no wood storage)

Stuv 16-H (wood storage)