Mertik GV60 Smart Receiver

Do you want to make your fireplace smart but at a loss on how to do so? Consider adding the iFlame Mertik GV60 Smart Receiver. This 4.5v input receiver comes with a two-year warranty and works with Amazon Alexa using Bluetooth 4.0. With it, you’ll be able to control your applicable fireplace from multiple smartphones or tablets. Make the most of your fireplace by giving it an intelligence boost with this smart receiver from iFlame.


  • Smart Receiver
  • IPI
  • Receiver battery = AAA
  • Battery monitor*
  • Bluetooth*
  • WiFi (requires #IF-WFH3002)*
  • Free i-Flame IOS & Android apps*
  • Thermostat function*
  • Shows outside temperature*
  • Flame adjustment*
  • Original remote required for fans and lights
  • Works with Alexa & Google Home*
  • CPC- Cross Platform Compliant*

* Used with your smart device. For WiFi operation a
Flame-tec Hub must be purchased and installed. WiFi
service must be accessible to the Hub.