Thompson & Anderson 22 Gauge Single-Wall Wood Stove Pipe (Made in Maine!)

Stock Sizes include: 4“, 5”, 6“, 7”, 8“, 125mm & 175mm Diameter


Thompson and Anderson  was started in 1973 by Russ Thompson and Andy Anderson as a supplier to  Krista Associates of Portland, Maine, the original importer and  distributor of Jotul stoves. At Thompson and Anderson we supply a high  quality, heavy gauge stovepipe that is nearly a duplicate of how  stovepipe would have been made 100 years ago.

The  original stovepipe was slightly tapered from end to end so that the  small end of one would slide about two inches into the next pipe. Over  the years we have improved our pipe by shrinking the male (small)  end onto a straight joint which allows the pipe to be cut to length  while still maintaining our quality fit. The only variation from a truly  handmade pipe of the early 1800’s was that they were riveted instead of  spot welded. Our two piece handcrafted elbows are stronger, leak  resistant, as well as attractive. This thought for detail is carried  through our entire line.