New England Chimney Liner Insulation Kits

Liner Wrap Insulation KITS

Liner Wrap Insulation KITS for 3″ – 6″ Liners & 7″-8″ Liners (specify)


1 – 1/2″ or 1/4″ Thick Liner Insulation
1 – Roll of Liner Mesh
2 – Liner Mesh Clamps
1 – Can of Spray Adhesive
Don’t forget to order FOIL TAPE separately if you need it


Product Hints & Specifications

  • WHEN TO INSULATE: Required for all wood, wood pellet, & coal (solid fuel) applications. Recommended, not required for gas & oil applications.
  • WHY INSULATE: It helps maintain the temperature inside the liner therefore causing less condensation build up and better drafting.
  • HOW TO INSTALL LINER INSULATION: Unroll the Insulation, place your Best-Flex Liner down the middle, spray the insulation with adhesive, “wrap” the liner, use the Foil Tape to cover the seam, pull the Liner Mesh on, and secure the Mesh Clamps at the top and bottom.