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Jotul… in the spirit of our time, and in the spirit of Jotul.

Winner of several international design awards, Jotul's focus is on innovation, forward thinking, and above all the desire to connect their products with the people who use them.

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  • Jotul F3-CB Woodstove

    The Jotul #3 wood stove is a perfect choice to heat a small cabin or a few rooms

  • Jotul F 100 Nordic QT Woodstove

    The Jotul Nordic wood stove optimizes fire viewing in a small stove.

  • Jotul F 500 Oslo

    The Jotul Oslo wood stove is known for its legendary non-catalytic clean-burn combustion efficiency

  • Jotul F 602 CB Woodstove

    Jotul's #602 small cast iron wood burning stove revolutionized wood burning in America in the 1970s

  • Jotul F118 CB Black Bear

    Jotul's F118 legendary front-to-back “cigar burn,” makes this stove the pinnacle of clean burn efficiency.

  • Jotul F370

    Jotul's F370 contemporary wood stove features a modern 3-sided fire veiwing design.

  • Jotul F400 SD Castine

    Jotul's medium-sized Castine is a non catalytic woodstove with enhanced fire viewing and air wash performance

  • Jotul F45 Greenville

    The Jotul F45 Greenville is the perfect mid size wood stove with a long burn time.

  • Jotul F50 TL Rangeley

    Jøtul F 50 TL Rangeley also has a convenient front-load option that allows for our legendary front-to-back "cigar burn".

  • Jotul F55 Carrabassett

    Qualifies for a $500 Efficiency Maine Rebate! Made in Maine!

  • Jotul F600 Firelight

    This furniture quality cast iron Jotul Firelight is the largest non-catalytic cast iron woodstove in the world.