• Hearthstone-Castleton

    The Hearthstone Castleton Wood Burner provides warmth and a beautiful flame presentation.

  • Hearthstone-Champlain-8302

    Hearthstone's Champlain Direct Vent gas stove features a cast iron heat exchanger to increase convective air flow..

  • Hearthstone-Clydesdale

    A Hearthstone woodburning fireplace insert can transform your fireplace into a whole house heater.

  • Hearthstone-Craftsbury

    The Hearthstone Craftsbury wood burning stove is compact yet delivers exceptional heating capacity.

  • Hearthstone-Deva-Woodburning-Cookstove

    The Hearthstone Deva does it all: cooks your food, warms your home, and enhances your kitchen.

  • Hearthstone-Equinox

    The largest Hearthstone Stove, the Equinox, provides a heat sink with its 700 pound construction.

  • Hearthstone-Heritage

    The Hearthstone Heritage wood burning stove can be built with either a left or a right side loading door.

  • Hearthstone-Homestead

    The Hearthstone Homestead is one of the most efficient woodstoves on the market

  • Hearthstone-Manchester

    The Manchester Wood stove Model Uses a Convection Air System For Efficient Heating.

  • Hearthstone-Morgan-8490

    The Hearthstone Morgan wood fired fireplace insert delivers efficient heat from your fireplace

  • Hearthstone-Phoenix

    The Phoenix delevers quick heat from its cast front and lasting Heatilife from the soapstonce.

  • Hearthstone-Shelburne

    The wood burning Shelburne delivers Hearthstone quality in classic cast iron style.

  • Hearthstone-Stowe-8323

    As an on-demand heat source, Hearthstone gas stovess are the perfect zone heating solution.

  • Hearthstone-Tribute

    The Hearthstone Tribute delivers Hearthstone quality and efficiency at an attractive price point.

  • Hearthstone-Waitsfield-DX8770

    The Waitsfield DX gas heating stove features panoramic 3-sided viewing.