• Steel Flex Liners for Wood & Pellet

    Steel Liners for Masonry Chimneys

    Traditionally, chimney have been made out of brick and mortar or cement block and mortar with clay tile flues. These chimneys are referred to as masonry chimneys, and the clay liners are installed when the chimney is being built. While durable, over time (usually over 20-30 years) the clay liners in the masonry chimneys will crack and degrade, and when they do, the chimney is no longer a code-compliant chimney. If the cracks are accessible, they can be repaired, but if not, then the chimney needs to be relined with steel liner. If the tile liner in the masonry chimney is not code compliant, then it must be removed and the steel liner must be insulated. It is possible to purchase a pre-insulated liner or to glue an insulation blanket around the liner and wrap it with a steel mesh. The insulation keeps the heat off of the interior of the chimney in the same manner as a tile liner ensuring better draft and protecting the chimney from the combustible material around it. In the state of Maine, wood stoves and fireplaces inserts must have a minimum cross-sectional diameter of at least 6". Mazzeo's sells steel liners and liner kits from a variety of different manufacturers at very affordable rates. If you need more information regarding how to line your masonry chimney, email: sales@mazzeosinc.com.