• ICC Excel Chimney

    Class-A chimneys are pre-fabricated, stainless steel chimneys and are usually made of insulated, double-wall stainless steel. If you are considering having a new chimney put into your home, your first choice should be a modern, Class-A chimney rather than a traditional masonry chimney! Here's why:

    1. In our experience, they burn more cleanly! Since the flue is made of a slick, stainless steel that does not absorb water and trap the cold like clay liners do, Class-A chimneys warm up quickly and draft far better than traditional masonry chimneys. This not only makes for fewer chimney cleanings, but it also reduces the risk of a hazardous chimney fire!
    2. They are easier to access for cleaning, making it easier for the consumer to clean his or her own chimney, saving thousands over the years.
    3. They can be put up in hours as opposed to days, saving you hundreds, if not thousands in labor costs.
    4. They can be installed in places where masonry chimneys simply cannot be. Since they do not need to be anchored in the basement, your class-A chimney can start right under the roof of a cathedral ceiling, or they can start right at the ceiling of the first floor. Moreover, they can be offset to go around joists and rafters as needed. While they can run up the exterior wall of the house like a masonry chimney, any chimney will draft better and stay cleaner when it is inside the house. Plus, you receive the benefit of the heat off the interior chimney!

    Mazzeo's stocks a premium grade of Class-A chimney made by Canadian manufacturer ICC Excel because it is made of more durable, corrosion-resistant material than hardware store brand class-A chimney, and it is listed to higher safety standard than products listed under the American safety standard. EXCEL is tested and listed to the ULC S-629 chimney standard. The ULC standard is generally considered the toughest residential chimney standard in the world and can withstand chimney fires three times longer than the American standard. In addition:

    EXCEL is the only 1 inch wall insulated chimney to pass the ULC standard.

    EXCEL’s unique thermoplus insulation has an extremely high insulating value that helps to keep flue gasses hot. Creosote won’t condense in a hot flue.

    EXCEL is the lightest weight insulated chimney of its kind on the market. This low thermal mass enables it to heat up quickly, reducing creosote formation. And EXCEL’s light weight helps make it the easiest chimney to install.

    EXCEL incorporates continuous blanket insulation into a design which eliminates couplings between lengths, eliminating hot spots on the outside, or cool spots on the inside.

    Your appliance manual or installation planning guide is your best source of information regarding the of your new appliance using a Class A Chimney System.

    Mazzeo's stocks professional grade ICC Excel Chimney Class A chimney systems suitable for use on appliances that burn:

    • Wood
    • Oil
    • Coal
    • Gas
    • Charcoal

    It is specifically engineered for wood burning stoves, fireplaces and residential furnaces.