• Direct Vent Pipe for gas stoves

    Direct Vent Gas Stoves & Gas Fireplace Venting

    Direct vent gas venting is co-axial, meaning that it is a pipe inside of a pipe. The interior pipe is used to exhaust flue gases while the space between the inner pipe and the outer pipe is used to pull combustion air into the gas stove or fireplace. For this reason, direct vent gas stoves and fireplaces do not use combustion air from within the home. Unlike wood stove pipe and chimney, gas venting is used both as chimney and connector pipe, and is commonly referred to as "DV pipe". As with chimneys, components such as insulated wall thimbles, must be used in accordance to the manufacturers instructions. Gas stoves and fireplaces are always listed and approved to specified venting systems by type and by manufacturer, and components from various vent manufacturers should not be mixed. Mazzeo's sells direct vent gas venting from a variety of different manufacturers, and stocks ICC ExcelDirect Vent.