Norsk Kleber Kube Wood Burning Masonry Heater Stove

The Kube stove has classic clean lines, with a number of elegant features, such as the side windows that fit neatly in the stones without a steel frame. The Kube stove is available with or without side windows, as well as in different heights. Like all our stoves, the door is made of high-quality cast iron, which makes it robust and durable.All of our Kube models are available with a grey or black door that matches the colour on the edges of the side windows. These side windows also have a double layer in order to ensure good combustion and to limit the heat radiation through the windows. Below you can see the Kube 3, which is our smallest model in this series.


Kube 3

Output 27,000 BTUs
Weight 880 lbs
Height 47.6″
Height to centre of flue outlet 106,3 cm

Kube 4

Output 34,000 btus
Weight 1056 lbs
Height 57.8″
Height to centre of flue outlet 52.08″

Kube 5

Output 34,000 btus
Weight 1177 lbs
Height 65.35″
Height to centre of flue outlet 59.56″