Barbara Jean Firetables

Imagine family and friends gathered around a mesmerizing ribbon of fire on the Barbara Jean Fire Table. Available in three sizes and two colour options, you can create your own designer look with your choice of ember glass, driftwood logs, decorative stones and rocks.

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Table Base (C)

OLT24BG 33 7/8“L
OLT24BB 33 7/8“L
OLT36BG 45 7/8“L
OLT36BB 45 7/8“L
OLT48BB 57 7/8“L
OLT48BB 57 7/8“L

The beauty of Barbara Jean Collection is that you can fully customize the look of your unit. Choose convenient accessories and designer options that range from classic driftwood logs to a more contemporary style of ember glass or rocks. Whatever you choose, you’ll find the quality and unique style we’re certain you’ll warm up to.

Optional Accessories

MQRBD3Log Set: Drift Wood
(5 pc)
MQRBD4Log Set: Drift Wood
(3 pc)
MQROCK2Rock Set: Contemporary
MQROCK3Rock Set: Contemporary
RBCB1Cannonballs: Assorted
size and colors (14 pc)
MQSTONEDecorative Stones
(80 pc)
MQSTONE10Decorative Stones
(10 pc)
GFRCBlack and Grey Remote
Millivolt (On/Off)
OFP42SASpark Assist for
Millivolt Valve
(AA Battery not included)

Wind Guards for Outdoor Fire Tables

OB24WGfor 24″ Burners OB24
(4 pc set)
OB36WGfor 36” Burners OB36
(4 pc set)
OB48WGfor 48” Burners OB48
(4 pc set)

Wind Guard1/2”H

Weather Covers for Outdoor Fire Tables

OB24NWCfor Narrow 24” tables

OB24WWCfor Wide 24” tables

OB36NWCfor Narrow 36” tables

OB36WWCfor Wide 36” tables

OB48NWCfor Narrow 48” tables

OB48WWCfor Wide 48” tables