Gas is a reliable and easy to use fuel that can provide a fire every bit as lovely as a wood fire without the fuss and bother of toting firewood and contending with ash removal. No electricity required! While some areas of the United States have natural gas piped into their homes, here in mid-coast Maine we convert natural gas appliances to burn propane. Mazzeos is an authorized dealer for propane heating gas stoves and fireplaces and propane gas fireplace inserts by Jotul, Hearthstone Stoves, Vermont Castings, Lopi and KozyHeat Fireplaces.

Gas Burning Options

Many Maine customers opt to zone heat with a gas fired heating appliance to create a warm and inviting gathering area while also turning down their central heating thermostats for significant annual fuel costs savings. Our gas stoves can burn either natural gas or propane (LP).

Gas-Fired Fireplace Inserts provide an attractive way to upgrade an existing wood-burning fireplace into an efficient heat source. Available in cast iron, steel or soapstone the insert's fixed glass front allows the flames of the fire to be viewed in a very efficient mode. Mazzeos is an authorized dealer for the following gas inserts: Jotul gas inserts, Lopi gas inserts, KozyHeat gas inserts

A gas fireplace creates a realistic dancing fire, plus is an efficient heater during a power outage, with no chimney required, all without tending a fire! With so many gas fireplace options available, why not add emotional and economical value to your home?   Mazzeos is an authorized dealer for the following gas fireplaces:  KozyHeat gas fireplaces, and  Lopi gas fireplaces,.

 A gas  log set is designed for casual use and is not considered a heating source.  The beauty and warmth of a Real Fyre® Gas Log set in your fireplace provides a special harmony to your living space. 

Gas Fireplace Inserts vs. Gas Log Sets

Gas Fireplace Inserts are designed be installed (inserted) into approved wood burning fireplaces. Designer fronts and surrounds are offered in several styles. An approved gas liner kit must be installed into masonry chimney to vent a gas-fired insert. Gas Fireplace Inserts are available as heater-rated high efficiency appliances that are capable of heating even large areas. Direct Vent Fireplace Gas Inserts are enclosed behind a fixed glass front as the outside combustion system is part of the venting kit making them ideal for tightly insulated homes or poorly drafting wood burning fireplaces.

Gas Log Sets are sold complete with a grate system to hold the set of artificial logs (several styles and sizes available), a gas burner (propane or natural gas), and even a glowing ember bed to give the set a realistic appeal. Vented gas sets are approximately 20% efficient and are designed to allow casual fire burning rather than as a serious heat source. Most homeowners opt to install a glass door enclosure on their fireplace when using a vented gas log set as the damper is pinned in an open position. Vented Gas log sets are not a remedy for poorly drafting fireplaces and should not be installed into them. Vent-Free options are also available.

Do any gas stoves or gas fireplaces work without electrical power?

Yes, most gas stoves and many gas fireplaces work with a standing pilot light so no electrical power is needed to ignite or run the appliance. In the northeast region of the USA, many homeowners seek an alternate heating source to use during the frequent power outages due to wind, ice and snow storms. The standing pilot heater-rated appliances are a great option.

The optional blowers, if installed, will not work during the outage but most units rely on the radiant heat transfer and do not require any blowers. The exception is fireplaces and fireplace inserts, they are better heaters with blowers since there is only a front to tranfer heat as the bulk of these units are enclosed.

Some new electronic ignition fireplaces and stoves have built-in battery back-up packs that allow the units to be started on simple AA batteries.