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Your Morso Stove will become one of the most loved items of furniture in your home.

A trusty source of comfort, you will love it for its look, its glow of warmth and its green-friendly impact year after year.

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  • Morso-1410

    A small but powerful heating stove

  • Morso-1440

    The ideal choice for small heating needs, small homes, holiday homes , etc.

  • Morso-2B Classic

    A classic design that has stood the test of time.

  • Morso-2B-Standard

    The Morso 2B Standard is a small E.P.A certified boxstove design .

  • Morso-3142

    The Morsø 3142 is a convection wood stove producing 30,000btus of gentle comforting warmth.

  • Morso-3440

    The Morso 3440 wood stove is efficient and environmentally friendly, perfect for a small space.

  • Morso-6100- Series

    The 6148 is timeless and minimalist designed wood stove with a large glass door

  • Morso-7110

    A modern take on a classic stove, sure to fit any home.

  • Morso-7600-Series

    The Morsø 7600 series is based on the convection principle, ensuring wonderfully clean and efficient combustion.

  • Morso-7900-Series

    The Morso 7900 contemporary wood burning stove series offers varying heights and styles.

  • Morso-8100-Series

    The Morso 8100 series modern designed woodstoves are simple in design and easy to operate.