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The DutchWest stove is a timeless classic in looks and functionality. Available in either a CATALYTIC or a NON-CATALYTIC secondary combustion system.

The DutchWest stove is an affordable highly efficient clean burning alternative heat source.

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  • Dutchwest-Catalytic Series

    Available in three size sthe Dutchwest catalytic series has stood the test of time.  

    Convection System
    Efficient heat distribution — By keeping hot air moving, these catalytic stoves are a super-efficient way to heat your room.
    Overfire Airwash
    Clear fire viewing — The stove circulates air across its front glass panel to keep it clear of soot and ash for a clear view of the fire at all times.
    Raised Griddle
    Cook on your stovetop — A dedicated griddle area on top of the stove gives you a new way to cook some of your favorite meals.
    Clean Burning
    Efficient performance — EPA certified emissions as low as 1.1 g/hr make these catalytic stoves some of the cleanest wood burning models available.

    Log Length25"22"19"
    Firebox size2.4 cu ft1.4 cu ft1.2 cu ft
    Overall size317⁄8"H ×
    28"W × 18"D
    29¾"H ×
    26"W × 16"D
    29¾"H ×
    22"W × 16"D
    Flue size8" oval6" round6" round
    Rear flue ht.33" to top30" to top30" to top
    Load door size11" × 11"
    9" × 10"
    9" × 10"
    Avg burn time10 hours9 hours7 hours
    Max output55,000 btu40,000 btu35,000 btu
    Weight550 lbs425 lbs390 lbs
    Clearances30" behind30½" behind30½" behind
    (with shield)low as
    18" behind
    low as
    14" behind
    low as
    14" behind
    Efficiency75.9% by
    OR std
    75.1% by
    OR std
    75.3% by
    OR std