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Strict EPA regulations have helped wood burning really come into its own. EPA-certified stoves & inserts now burn 72-82% more cleanly than those of the past, making wood’s former reputation as a dirty fuel obsolete.

Wood has a much higher BTU capacity than gas, and wood is also a renewable resource. Trees are being replanted at an unprecedented rate, which also helps improve air quality, as trees use carbon dioxide to produce more oxygen. Additionally, buying firewood keeps your energy dollars in the local economy.

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  • Hearthstone Morgan 8490

    An attractive combination of design and function, the Morgan wood-fired insert can heat up to 1,200 square feet. The 1.7 cubic foot firebox is lined with thick soapstone panels that give the Morgan the thermal mass and HeatLife you expect from a Hearthstone.

    Heats up to: 900 sq ft in Maine winters
    Firebox Capacity: 1.7 cu. ft.
    Size: 40,000 BTUs
    EPA Certified: 4.3 gph
    Efficiency: 79% LHV
    Burn Time: Up to 8 hours
    HeatLife: Up to 10 hours
    Maximum Log Length: 18″