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A woodburning insert can provide an attractive way to upgrade an existing masonry fireplace into an efficient, heat source. Models offer a wide selection of fronts and surrounds to fit a range of fireplace opening and to customize the look of your new heating appliance.

The "open burning" fireplace is almost always a negative efficiency. This means that the fireplace's oversized draft actually pulled more heated air out of your house than it produced in the home at the high firing rate.

Our EPA certified wood burning fireplace inserts all achieve the industry standard of at least 75% efficient.

Stop the heat loss and save on those heating bills!

  • Hearthstone-Clydesdale

    Transform Your fireplace

    Into A Heating Solution with a Hearthstone Clydesdale wood burning fireplace. The Clydesdale insert is the perfect solution for drafty, inefficient fireplaces. The large open viewing area highlights the ambiance of wood burning while the cast iron and soapstone construction generates a heat output sufficient for large areas. With a Hearthstone wood burning fireplace insert long burn times allows you to enjoy your fireplace while producing clean burning usable heat.

    Heats up to:: 2,000 sq ft
    Firebox Capacity: 2.4 cu ft
    Size: 75,000 BTUs
    EPA Certified: 3.2 gph
    Efficiency: 79% (LHV)
    Burn Time: Up to 10 hours
    HeatLife: Up to 12 hours
    Maximum Log Length: 22″-24″