Mazzeo's will re-carpeting and tiling the showroom in March, and we're offering $100 off our EPA 2020-certified floor display models to clear the floor for the work to be done. We are also offering $100 off in-stock inventory to make room for orders of new EPA 2020-certified wood stoves.

We also have some great deals on pre-2020 wood stoves to be ordered direct from the manufacturers who need to clear out their inventories to make room for their new EPA 2020 certified models. In many cases, some of your favorite pre-2020 wood stoves that have been on the market for over 20 years will be gone forever, and their 2020-certified replacement models cost as much as $760 more! So, take advantage of pre-2020 stove buys while supplies last!

  • Kozy Heat-Delano
    Kozy Heat-DelanoKozy Heat-Delano

    Standard Features

    • 26,000 BTU/hr Input - NG & 26,500 BTU/hr Input - LP
    • High Efficiency: Natural Gas - 79.8% LP Gas - 81.18%
    • Canada P-4 Approved
    • Black Firebox Lining (curved design)
    • Light Kit (bottom)
    • Komfort Kontrol Full-Functioning Remote

    Optional Features

    • Rock and Driftwood Media
    • Fan Kit (1) 75 CFM

    Required for Installation

    • Glass Media Kit (various colors available)
    • Screen Front