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We offer a variety of colors and sizes that are crafted from a variety of fine tiles and slate - expertly finished for maximum durability with a durable epoxy grout resists cracks and stain for your wood or gas fired stove.

Our hearth pads give you the freedom to remodel or update your décor with minimum fuss. Select from wood trims or if you prefer steel, choose our 1/8" angle iron, painted matte black.

See our complete selection of styles at AJHearthOriginals.com.

  • Hearth Boards-AJ

    Hearth boards are also known as floor protectors, stove boards and hearth mats but whatever you call them they are an essential component for your wood stove installation.

  • Hearth Rugs

    Fireproof and fire resistant rugs and hearth mats offer an extra measure of safety and protection in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials and colors and designs. ,