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A fireplace screen should prevent sparks and embers from escaping the firebox in addition to adding a decorative flair to the hearth. Select from brass, pewter, iron or traditional black finish in either formal or traditional designs.

Fireplace screens fall into distinctive categories: Bowed top spark guards, flat guards, folding screens and screens that attach to the fireplaces as cabinet mesh or sliding curtain styles.

Mazzeos stocks Rumford Fireplace Screens for those square fireplace designs and can customize screens for arched fireplace openings and oversize fireplaces.

  • Superquiet Doorway Fan


    Customers rave about the marvelous Super Quiet® Fan. The fact is, the Super Quiet® Fan is rapidly becoming a standard home heating product for anyone with a wood stove, coal stove or fireplace–even air conditioning. The immense popularity of the Super Quiet® Fan is attributable to its high performance capacity and surprisingly low noise level. The Super Quiet® Fan is a model of efficiency. Installed correctly, it uses the principles of convection to perfection. Although it is tiny in size (only 4 11/16" sq.), the Super Quiet® Fan moves an impressive 50 cubic feet of air per minute. Strategically mounted, the Super Quiet® Fan produces a constant, even air transfer between rooms. Unobtrusive, yet efficient, this amazing little fan eliminates hot and cold pockets, maximizing the capacity of woodstoves and air conditioners. 

    Just mount the doorway fan in the corner of any door (hardware included and 12 foot cord) and plug it in.

    The gentle slow moving fan will help to move heat into the desired room.