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Stop the heat loss! Enjoy an evening fire in your fireplace without heat loss up the flue all night.

No need to wait for the last embers to be extinguished, simply close the glass door enclosure to stop your home's heat from escaping up the flue during the night hours.

Select styles and finishes from the more formal brass or pewter designs to the classic matte black and natural iron finishes. Many stock sizes are available as well as the option to customize for oversized, arched or unique styled fireplaces. Measure your fireplace to determine correct fit.

Mazzeos is a retailer for exceptional fireplace enclosures in mid-coast Maine.

  • Stoll Fireplace Doors
    Stoll Fireplace DoorsStoll Fireplace DoorsStoll Fireplace DoorsStoll Fireplace Doors
    Stoll Fireplace DoorsStoll Fireplace DoorsStoll Fireplace Doors


    The fireplace is one of the most enduring and desirable elements of the American home. Enhance the beauty and usefulness of any fireplace design and increase safety and efficiency with the installation of a quality Stoll Fireplace glass door. Browse our large variety of custom fireplace doors, accessories, screens, and heating solutions. Why Install Glass Doors?

    BEAUTY ~
    With designs that range from simple to ornate, antique to modern, Stoll's custom fireplace doors and screens will accent your fireplace and fit your decor. Optional decorative design elements add interest and dimension to personalize your door. We can even incorporate a unique design that you have created. View our Photo Gallery to gather ideas for your custom door or design.

    SAFETY ~
    Stoll's glass doors come standard with a high quality cabinet mesh door to enhance the safety of your fireplace. These screens have a positive latch system that creates a strong barrier that keeps logs from rolling onto the hearth and eliminates jumping sparks. You can confidently enjoy your beautiful fireplace because of the safety added by a glass fireplace door.

    ENERGY ~
    An open fireplace may allow climate-controlled interior air to escape through the chimney. Properly installed glass fireplace doors can reduce the loss of your climate-controlled air by as much as 99%. Couple this with one of our Heating Solutions products to recover heat generated by your fireplace and you can significantly alter your energy usage.

    Visit our preferred vendor to see the many options available..