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Gas-Fired Fireplace Inserts provide an attractive way to upgrade an existing wood-burning fireplace into an efficient heat source. Available in cast iron, steel or soapstone the insert's fixed glass front allows the flames of the fire to be viewed in a very efficient mode.

Mazzeo’s, a Maine gas insert dealer, offers models by Jotul, Hearthstone, Vermont Castings and other industry leaders.Direct-vent fireplace inserts are also especially attractive in tightly insulated homes as no combustion air is pulled from the living space. By pulling air for the fire down from the top of chimney via a 3" intake vent and exhausting the burned gasses through a second 3" exhaust vent system, the combustion process is completely sealed from the living area. This eliminates concerns about indoor air quality and solves issues regarding back drafts. Most gas direct-vent inserts use blowers to distribute the heat are higly efficient.

  • Kozy Heat-Chaska 335S

    Standard Features for The Chaska 335S Gas Insert 

    • 22,000 to 36,000 BTU/hr Input (NG)
    • 22,000 to 36,500 BTU/hr Input (LP)
    • High Efficiency: Natural Gas – 80% and LP Gas – 75%
    • Millivolt Valve & Pilot System
    • Log Set
    • Fan Kit- (2) 75 CFM Blower
    • Refractory Brick Panels

    Optional Features

    • Remote Control – Thermostatic (Flame & Fan adjustment)