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A gas fireplace creates a realistic dancing fire, plus is an efficient heater during a power outage, with no chimney required, all without tending a fire!

With so many gas fireplace options available, why not add emotional and economical value to your home?

Our gas fireplaces can be installed on almost any unused wall or in a corner. These factory built fireplaces use specialized venting that can terminate vertically above the roofline or horizonally through a wall with a short run of venting and an exterior wall cap system. Most gas fireplaces offer a variety of front options to fit any decor.

  • Kozy Heat-Delano
    Kozy Heat-DelanoKozy Heat-Delano

    Standard Features

    • 26,000 BTU/hr Input - NG & 26,500 BTU/hr Input - LP
    • High Efficiency: Natural Gas - 79.8% LP Gas - 81.18%
    • Canada P-4 Approved
    • Black Firebox Lining (curved design)
    • Light Kit (bottom)
    • Komfort Kontrol Full-Functioning Remote

    Optional Features

    • Rock and Driftwood Media
    • Fan Kit (1) 75 CFM

    Required for Installation

    • Glass Media Kit (various colors available)
    • Screen Front