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A gas fireplace creates a realistic dancing fire, plus is an efficient heater during a power outage, with no chimney required, all without tending a fire!

With so many gas fireplace options available, why not add emotional and economical value to your home?

Our gas fireplaces can be installed on almost any unused wall or in a corner. These factory built fireplaces use specialized venting that can terminate vertically above the roofline or horizonally through a wall with a short run of venting and an exterior wall cap system. Most gas fireplaces offer a variety of front options to fit any decor.

  • Kozy Heat-Alpha

    The Alpha combines a large viewing area, impressive heat output, and realistic fire. With the glass burner treatment, you get a more modern contemporary look while the log burner treatment gives the Alpha a classic feel. You’ll enjoy having complete control of your fireplace via the full-function remote control and appreciate the option of turning down the flame, or turning on the accent light kit, when heat output isn’t as important. All of these options are standard features with the Alpha, and a variety of fronts and finishes will enhance the décor of any room in your home.


    • Viewing Area: 32"x38-1/4"
    • 48,000 BTU/hr Input - Natural Gas
    • 46,500 BTU/hr Input – LP
    • High Efficiency:
      • Natural Gas - 74.36%
      • LP Gas - 76.38%
    • Electronic Ignition (IPI)
    • Glass burner or traditional logs
    • High Quality Lifetime Glass
    • Fan Kit (2)-75 CFM blowers
    • Remote Control - Full Function
    • High-Low Regulator
    • Engineer-Designed burner system

    Design Standard Features

    • Accent Light Kit
    • Screen Front 

    Optional Features

    • Refractory Options *Required for Installation
      • Herringbone Refractory lining
      • Traditional Brick Refractory Lining
      • Black Enamel Refractory Lining
    • Heat Duct Kit