Your Morso Stove will become one of the most loved items of furniture in your home.

A trusty source of comfort, you will love it for its look, its glow of warmth and its green-friendly impact year after year.

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  • Morso-6100- Series


    Morsø 6100 series  wood stoves are minimalist designed wood stoves with a large glass door that provides a splendid view of the dancing flames.

    Behind the glass, Morsø has developed a combustion technology that uses pre-heated air to ensure a higher temperature in the firebox, so that almost all the flue gases are burnt. This results in both more environmentally friendly combustion and better fuel economy.

    Morsø 6100 series are small convection wood stoves that offers the perfect solution when heating needs are limited or as a supplement to another heat supply. The wood stoves have a user-friendly one-handle system for managing the air supply. The stove is easy to use and maintain, and moving parts can easily be replaced.


    As with all Morsø models, the Morsø 6100 wood stove series is constructed using only the highest quality recycled cast iron, the best material for wood stove performance. Cast iron is robust and provides longevity and there are many design advantages of working in cast iron; it is a material that can be moulded into beautiful shapes such and rounded corners thus increasing decorative appeal.

    The interaction between light and shade can be enhanced to give this robust material a subtle gentleness.

    Additionally, as always the 6100 series is covered by Morsø’s Limited 10-year warranty.

    The Morsø 6100 is tested and approved to meet some of the strictest environmental standards in the world, including the US EPA standard and the Norwegian standard NS 3058/59. Low emissions (4.1 grams/hr) and an outside-air capability makes the 6100 compliant with Washington State requirements and its maximum heat output of 30,000 BTUs/hr heats an area of up to 1000 ft².

    Max. Heat BTU/hr 30,000
    Max. area heated 1000 ft²
    Height 37 1/2"
    Width 17 3/4"
    Depth 15 1/4"
    Log Size 12"