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Some value Lopi's reputation for energy efficiency and innovative design. Some appreciate that Lopi builds every product here in the US. See for yourself why more than a million customers chose Lopi!

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  • Lopi-1250-Republic

    One of the great features of a Lopi wood stove is the cooktop surface.

  • Lopi-1750-Republic

    The Lopi 1750 Republic wood stove is a larger version of the Lopi 1250 .

  • Lopi-Answer

    The Lopi Anwer allows a variety of customizations options for complete personalization of the unit.

  • Lopi-CapeCod

    Qualifies for $500 Efficiency Maine Rebate!

  • Lopi-Endeavor

    Heats up to 2,000 square feet for up to 10 hours on one load of wood.

  • Lopi-Liberty

    The Liberty’s step-top design provides cooking and warming surfaces as well as radiant and convective heat.