Jotul creates "Warmth in every detail" with a rich tradition of fine craftsmanship and design found in their cast iron stoves and fireplaces.

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  • Jotul F 500 Oslo V3


    JOTUL F 500 V3 OSLO

    EPA 2020 Certified

    Jøtuls best selling large wood stove the Jotul F 500 V3 is now EPA 2020 compliant. Able to heat up to 2,300 SQFT, burn for 9hrs, and with an emission rate of .5 g/hr, the Jotul F 500 V3 is the perfect EPA friendly whole house heater. Utilizing patent pending fusion technology Jotul was able to combine the best aspects of typical non-catalytic secondary combustion baffle technology and catalytic technology to create a clean burning woodstove that operates without the need for a bypass. The elimination of a bypass allows for the F 500 Oslo V3 to remain passively engaged in clean burn mode 100% of time.


    • There is no open bypass dirty burn mode. Jøtul Fusion Technology is passively engaged in clean burn mode 100% of the time.
    • Extremely low flow resistance eliminates draft sensitivity typical of current catalytic systems.
    • Closer clearances to combustible than “Hybrids” because there is no open bypass mode
    • The catalyst begins to clean up the emissions almost immediately due to it being low mass and heating up quickly and in combination of no way to bypass the catalyst
    BTU Range:
    up to 70,000
    Heating Capacity:
    1600 - 2,300 sq.ft., depending on outdoor temperature, house insulation and other factors
    .05 gram/hr
    Approx weight:
    445 lbs
    Log size:
    24" in