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There is a decided difference between a house and a home.

Hearthstone Stoves are all about creating a warm welcome that goes beyond just heating by combining personal style with the reliability of time-tested craftsmanship.

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  • Hearthstone-Castleton

    The Hearthstone Castleton Wood Burner provides warmth and a beautiful flame presentation.

  • Hearthstone-Equinox

    The largest Hearthstone Stove, the Equinox, provides a heat sink with its 700 pound construction.

  • Hearthstone-Heritage

    Save $300 over new 2020 model!

  • Hearthstone-Homestead

    The Hearthstone Homestead is one of the most efficient woodstoves on the market

  • Hearthstone-Phoenix

    The Phoenix delevers quick heat from its cast front and lasting Heatilife from the soapstone.

  • Hearthstone-Tribute

    The Hearthstone Tribute delivers Hearthstone quality and efficiency at an attractive price point.