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Understated, elegant and timeless, cast iron is an ideal stove material, and an incredible workhorse. Renowned for its superb heat conduction and its remarkable resilience, cast iron brings to stoves authenticity, durability and efficiency. Fabricated entirely of top-quality grey cast iron shaped in a modern state-of-the-art moulding plant, the HearthStone Hergom Cast Iron Collection sets the bar for quality.

Exclusive design features ensure each appliance is economical and safe, providing clean and complete combustion for warmth you can trust. Whether it's classic painted iron or vitreous enamel glazed, these stoves are as beautiful as they are functional - with optimized fire viewing areas and distinctive character down to the last detail.

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  • Hearthstone-Manchester

    Clean-burning, efficient, and versatile, the Manchester presents Hearthstone performance in cast iron style. Using a convection air system with an integrated cast iron heat exchanger, the Manchester provides extraordinary heating efficiency for your home. A soapstone-lined firebox captures and stores heat, so you enjoy a longer HeatLife.


    Right or left side door:flexible installation

    Oven-style side door: helps keep ashes in firebox

    Convection air channel with heat exchanger: encourages airflow, moves heat throughout home

    Decorative cast rear heat shield:Finished look from any angle

    Top or rear flue exit:flexible installation

    Single lever stove control:easy operation, consistent performance

    Non-catalytic combustion system:clean burning, efficient, reduces creosote build-up

    Removable ash tray:easy to clean, easily accessible