• Hearthstone-Castleton

    The Hearthstone Castleton wood stove combines the heating qualities of soapstone with  the detailing of fine cast iron. Designed to maintain a warm, consistent heat, the Castleton is simple, reliable, affordable, and beautiful.

    Mazzeos currently has an installed  burning display model of the Castleton. The Castleton has a truly beautiful flame presentation and we have consistently obtained five to six hours of flames and hot coals for over eight house with a full charge of fire wood.  

    Cast iron interior impact plates:

    protect the soapstone when loading the stove

    Top or rear flue exit:

    flexible installation

    Single lever stove control:

    easy operation, consistent performance

    Non-catalytic combustion system:

    clean burning, efficient, reduces creosote build-up

    Ember Protection Only Hearth Requirement