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  • Harman-TL2.6

    The TL2.6 delivers impressive burn rates and highly-controllable heating power. Adjust your comfort level for each season with ease. And, stay cool when your gas bill comes—the TL2.6 provides efficient, eco-friendly performance.

    • 69,300 EPA 1st Hour Peak BTUs — heats 1,400 to 3,200 square feet, based on climate and home efficiency
    • 2.6 cu. ft. firebox capacity / 19” maximum log length
    • Up to 17 hours of steady, even heat from each load of wood
    • Top loading for easier loading; larger loads and less mess

    EPA Certified

    Width: 25-4/5
    Height Pedestal: 36-4/5
    Height Legs: 34-7/10
    Depth: 28-3/5
    Maximum Log Length: 18
    EPA 1st Hour Peak BTUs: 69,300
    Heating Capacity*: 1,800 - 2,200 sq ft.
    Firebox Capacity: 2.6 cu ft.
    Emissions: 3.7g/hr
    Efficiency: 85.7%
    Firebox Size: 2.6 cu. ft.
    Fuel: Dry Cordwood
    Shipping Weight: 545 lbs.
    Flue Size: 6 inch
    Outside Air Size: 4.5 Inch I.D.
    Floor protection: Straight wall, minimum: 32-1/2”w x 49-13/16”d
    Corner minimum: 56” x 56”
    Note minimum corner floor protection will not touch walls. Follow proper clearances from wall to corner of stove (14.5”).