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Dutchwest Non Catalytic Series Large Wood Stove

The New Dutchwest Non-Catalytic Wood Stove line features a classic design with a large glass front and a long list of extraordinary features. Nothing but the best -- solid durable cast iron construction, fast starting & long burning - for serious wood burners!

A passive convection system pulls room air into and through the stove naturally, resulting in an even gentle flow of warm convection air in addition to the radiant heat produced by the stove. An optional fan kit converts the stove to an active convection-heating stove. The fan forces a heated stream of air through the convection passages of the stove out into the room.

Product Features

  • Everburn non-Catalytic combustion system: A stable long burning non-catalytic combustion system with similar emissions to a catalytic woodstove, as low as 1.31 grams/hr.
  • Refractory lined firebox & combustion system: The refractory lined firebox provides a durable insulated burning environment for the non-cat combustion system while protecting the stove's cast iron parts.
  • Front & side loading: The stove's convenient front & side loading features provides easy access when loading the stove. Permits the maximum volume wood load desired by serious wood burners.
  • Leg levelers: Allows the stove to be leveled on uneven surfaces.
  • Ash pan Convenient ash disposal.
  • Ash lip Large ash lip adds to the stove cleaniless by catching ashes when using the front-loading door.
  • Large clean glass area.
  • Top & rear reversible flue collar The top & rear reversible flue collar design allows you to choose between top and rear venting configurations.
  • 100 % Outside air connection, standard: An outside air connection with a 3 inch diameter equipment connection flange is standard with the stove. A 3-inch outside air kit is required to complete outside air installation.The 100% outside air connection ensures that all of the air necessary to support combustion in the stove is taken from the outside of the home. No room air is used to support the fire.
  • Beautiful Andirons: Andirons are standard. Besides their decorative appeal, they help contain wood load.
  • Optional fan kit with rheostat
  • Optional flue collar heat shield
  • Optional outside air termination kit
  • Optional side heat shield
  • Optional 574 Stove Surface Thermometer